How to Install the Panopto Recording Software

In order to take full advantage of the recording and lecture capturing capabilities in Panopto, it is recommended to install the Panopto Recording Software on your Windows or Mac device. This is what can be used to record screen capture videos, presentations, and lectures through Panopto.

1. Sign in to Panopto. You may do so by going to your Canvas course and clicking on the “Panopto Video” link in your course’s navigation menu.

2. Once you open Panopto from your Canvas course menu, you will see a green button labeled “create” in the top right of your screen. Click on this.

3. From this drop-down, select the option to “Record a new session.”

4. A drop down menu will appear with links to the Windows and Mac installers for Panopto. Click on the option for your corresponding device.

5. Follow the prompts to download the Panopto Installer to your device.

6. Refer to where you save downloads on your device once the download has been complete to open the installer file from Panopto.

7. Follow the prompts that appear on your computer to confirm the installation of the Panopto recorder. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation.

8. The installation of the Panopto Recording Software is complete.

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