SCCM Software Center Available Applications List

SCCM Software Center Application List

Software Center is an application that allows clients to install and upgrade applications on College computers managed by SCCM

There is also KB article on how to use SCCM Software Center 

If you are looking for Apple/OSX/Mac software please see the article JAMF Self Service Applications List

Software Center Applications

Some software is license restricted or department specific. If you don't see the software you need in Software Center listed below please fill out a Software Issues Ticket 

If you'd like to suggest software be added to our catalog please fill out a Academic Software Request Ticket

Available Software

* Autodesk apps are managed my on campus key server Students and Faculty managing personal install should use the AUTODESK FOR EDUCATORS program Help link 

** Microsoft Office is available to all Faculty Staff and Student for both personal and college owned devices please see How to Install Office 365 Software Programs

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