How to Print using the Web Print Portal

Student printing offers secure printing release, mobile printing compatibility, integrated Google Cloud Print, “find-Me” printing service that allows you to print documents to the printing kiosk location you choose.  It is best to use the Web Printing Portal to print your documents.  Please note, you only need to use Global Protect if you are off campus.  If you are on campus you can use Columbia Wi-Fi to access.

Navigate to and sign in using your Office 365 username and password.


Select Web Print.


Select Submit a Job.


Select if you want your print in B&W or Color and click Print Options and Account Selection.

Click on Upload Documents.

Click on Upload from Computer.  Please note: We recommend using OneDrive for saving your documents for the easy of uploading your files.


Navigate to the document you would like to print and click Open.

Once you see your document in the upload click on Upload & Complete.


You have successfully uploaded your document in the print queue.  Please note: The print queue will hold your document for 24-hour period. 

You can now print your document using one of the following Printer Kiosks locations listed below.

  • Library, 624 S Michigan, 3 Printer Kiosks    
    • 1st Floor, 2 Kiosks, 1 B&W and 1 Color Printer Kiosks  
    • 2nd Floor, 1 B&W Printer Kiosk  
  • Student Center 754 S. Wabash Ave., 1st Floor, 1 Color Printer Kiosk  
  • Student Center 754 S. Wabash Ave., 3rd Floor, 1 Color Printer Kiosk  
  • 33 East IDA B. Wells, 5th Floor, 1 B&W Printer Kiosk  
  • 623 S Wabash, 2nd Floor, Printmaking Facility, 1 Kiosk
  • 623 S Wabash, 4th Floor, 1 Color Printer Kiosk, Media Center  
  • 623 S Wabash, 6th Floor, Room 602A, 1 Color Printer Kiosk  
  • 623 S Wabash, 8th Floor, PropShop, 1 Color Printer Kiosk  
  • 623 S Wabash, 9th Floor, Computer Lounge, 3 Color Printer Kiosks  
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