Reset Change Forgotten Columbia Email Password

Note: Columbia’s email passwords now expire every 9 months.

1. To reset your password for your User/Network ID, launch web browser and go to


For Faculty and Staff, while working remotely if you change your password on the web it may not sync the new password to you office machine or Columbia laptop. You will need to use VPN or come on campus in order for your computer to sync.  Need more information on how to connect to the VPN as a Faculty or Staff 


2. When you reach the login page, scroll down and click the Microsoft Self-Service Password Reset link, “Can’t access your account” as shown below.

    2.  Next, choose the first option to reset your Columbia email password.

  Note:  Here, you’ll type your full Columbia email address.  Ex: Note: If you can’t read the captcha reading, you can click on the turning arrows for new characters.

  4.  Now, you will have the options to choose how would you want a verification code sent you as shown below. If you are a part-time faculty member, you will not likely have an office phone number. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose to have it text to your personal mobile phone by typing in your mobile phone number.

  5.  Type in the verification code that you have received and proceed to the next page where you will enter your new password to confirm.  After you log into Office 365, you will click on the icon titled, “Outlook".

  6.  You are now logged into your email through Office 365


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